Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear loyal followers,
I regret to inform you that my esteemed blog shall be closing. I know your lives centered around muy beautiful work and I'm sure many of you will fall into the deepest depths of dispair. In summary, Treat is the best looking man on earth and soon we will all be his devoted underlings. ALSO, PATRICK LOVES HITLER.

Madlibs time:
Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, (plural type of animal) roamed the earth. Some had ( plural body part) some had (other plural type of body part). Then God (verb)ed them and brought (male name) and (female name) into being. They lived in the garden of (Place Name), an (adjective) (noun) full of (adjective) (noun)s. One day, (same male name) was out for a walk with his loyal pet (noun), when he was (verb)ed by a great big flying (noun)! Being the male human, he put his (noun) inside it's (noun). God unmade creation. Later, he did the garden of eden thing. It was (adjective).

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